Once upon a time I lived in a small down which was home to a local bakery called the ‘Good Bakery’. 
Their shop was in the back of a garage and would daily make the most amazing breads and cakes and pastries, pretty much whatever they wanted to a bake that day. When ready one of the bakers them would jump on a bicycle with a basket overflowing with croissants, baguettes and all sorts of amazing things to sell to the neighbourhood. I remember sitting in my window and when hearing his bell would yell out what I want and he would throw it back. 
It was amazing bread, but they were the most angriest - permanently pissed off people I had ever met. ​​​​​​​

So we began to call them the ‘Angry Bakers’ and soon they were more known by that name than their original. 

Logo Development

The illustration below aids the visual language of the brand. Rather than going clean, minimal with vector illustrations, I drew inspiration from lino and woodblock prints. This style is in keeping with the personality of The Angry Baker and through the specific elements illustrated reveals even more of the identity and story of the Baker. Each element within the larger illustration can be removed and applied to various brand elements as needed, such as the Menu or App etc.

The Angry Baker is not just a bakery, it is about the service they provide and the adventures they endure in order to get the freshest bread in the town. It is a story of bird poo, bread knives, sarcasm, flat bicycle tyres, broken bottles and fried eggs. All shown in the quirky illustration for the visual language.  They are not just selling bread, but the convenience of the bread, and the way you support the sale of the delivery and convenience is through the “aftermath of the angry bakers”.

Through this brand identity I have paid homage to The Angry Bakers by trying to keep to a small town rustic feel, amazing bread without all the faff and rubbish that goes with it. The Bakery is portable,  with a food van and a bicycle in their fleet. 

The purpose of the app is to track the Bakers and receive alerts when they are in your neighbourhood, as well as pre ordering. They can then deliver your every day basics: bread - milk - eggs - coffee.

Simply put it is a modern way to get your every day basics.

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