IO is a magazine that celebrates modern simple thinking. 
Focusing on art, design, technology, architecture and innovation. The magazine has been designed to Interactively engage the reader, using various paper types and transparency layers to allow the user to physically explore and interact with the content. 

The magazine is categorised into different topics, these are identified throughout the magazine by vinyl stickers in various geometric shapes, so they are only visible when the user tilts the page at a certain angle. The booklet within a double page spread enables the reader to open, close and pull out the booklet which features content on up and coming artists and designers. The content interacts with the magazine spread, overflowing with text and images from the booklet. 

Through all the editorial designs the reader has an active tactile role in engaging with the article through physically exploring the unique design on each page.

Created whilst studying at Red & Yellow School, Cape Town.
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