To remove the fear many associate with bugs, I created a high end retail brand that shows the positive aspects of having an Entomophagy diet. (Entomophagy meaning someone who eats bugs). ento are curators of arthropodal health, beauty and apparel products. ​​​​​​​

Six products were made for ento
Beetle Juice, Pistachio Cream (ice cream made from cockroach milk), Fynbos Hopper (cordial with grasshoppers in), Nightingale Nourish (moisturiser with nightingale droppings), Chilli and Ant Chocolate as well as Everyday Calm (a soap made with snail slime).

The whole brand is tailor-made to understand the needs of the client and offer insect-based products to meet that need, wether that is through leading the client to health related product, or providing information.

The web design is editorial in style and versatile on any platform viewed. Overall the style can be easily extended for physical printed advertising, brochures, flyers etc.

The brand can be extended into apparel and fashion. All products are ethically sourced. 
These fashion photographs are not my own and are merely for illustrative purposes.

Below: Letterheads and stationery

This was created as part of a university project.
The black and white photographs are all sourced through Unsplash and are not my own.

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