The Brief
A D&AD New Blood Brief 2018 for Hasbro - To redesign an existing classic game, or create a brand new one. It needs to be relevant to adults looking for a fun, exciting game and should be directed towards 16-26 year olds, to be played by 2+ people.

The Process
Originally when reading the Hasbro brief I was drawn to games from my childhood. ‘Cludo’, ‘Where’s Wally’, ‘Monopoly’ and the Michelin man ‘I-spy books’. All games that I was once obsessed with but have since become out of fashion. I began to develop an idea for a modern version of I-Spy, one that would fit a modern, 16-26 year old demographic, ticking off funny things you have seen etc. However I realised this lacked originality and seemed quite limited to just observation. 
Scrolling through Facebook I saw a friend share a post that required you to put an [X] next to that extreme activity you have completed in your lifetime. After ticking your list, you then share it with your friends. I started to understand that people want to experience something outside of their normal life. And they want to tell and show their friends about what they discovered or experienced. For example, It is not enough to just visit a country, you need to experience the country, and then tell everyone you know. 

The Game
Now imagine if Hide and Seek, I-Spy and Truth or Dare had a love child. 
donefoundit© is that child.

I created an interactive experiential card game, that through various challenges leads the player on adventures and explorations in various cities or scenarios around the world.
The player can discover secret hidden parts of cities, meet incredible people, see some interesting sights and literally laugh out loud. A lot. They are challenged to discover, observe and interact with their surroundings through this card game. For this brief I have created 3 example packs:
Cape Town, London and Gap Year.

I chose to illustrate each game with scenes specific to that location, highlighting places that are more off-the-beaten-track, in a style that is fun, recognisable and classic.
The game is travel size and can fit right in your pocket. Players can play on their own or with as many people as they like. The game can also offer other decks such as Festivals, Rainy Days and Family Holidays.​​​​​​​
The game also operates digitally. As well as players completing challenges, they are also suggested to document and record their experiences through photographs and video and share them with the world. Bonus points are awarded digitally to players who upload their recorded memories and share their completed challenges to donefoundit© on Instagram or Twitter.  Daily competitions are announced enabling players to participate with the game of a global scale.

The various playing cards for the game

Presentation Video

 How to play 

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